Akbar The Rapper: The Experience Begins

(BlackPressRadio.net) – In the age of social distancing, the thing you want more than anything is to be touched. While physically touching isn’t the safest thing to do during a global pandemic, that didn’t stop up and coming rapper who goes by the moniker Akbar from dropping the kinds of music that will touch your heart, mind and soul.

As the November 13, 2020 date approaches for the release of his new video, Akbar: The Experience debuted on the Hood Rules Apply podcast on the Black Radio Network about three weeks ago.

Listeners will feel immediately sucked by Akbar’s velvet voice from the first word. His bop and flow, cadence and intellectual shines through on “Juice,” a track that feels like brain food. A sort of cerebral salad. The track’s infectious beat blends perfectly with his message which manages to not get lost in all that’s going on.

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