CORONAVIRUS: Black People’s Survival Guide


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Real World Survival Guide for Black PeopleUNLESS YOU’VE BEEN LYING UNDER A ROCK, by now you know: NYC got cooties!

Well, not actually cooties but it is currently leading the nation in the highest number of people CONFIRMED infected by the Coronavirus which they’re now calling it Coronavirus or COVID-19.

As of March 10, 2020, there weren’t any reported cases of African Americans in New York City infected with the virus but there’s also not been a lot of mass testing either. But an NBA player named #DonovanMitchell contracted the virus from his teammate Rudy Gomez after he got it while the team was in Cleveland, OH for a game.

Since I am on the ground in NYC, I’ve compiled some important data, made my own safety plan to avoid being infected and made some recommendations for African Americans in New York City or other places that have had confirmed cases of Coronavirus.

Price: $9.99
Book Type: Digital Download or Paperback

PAYMENT: Send $9.99 to $blackpress on CashApp or email blackpressradio at yahoo for an invoice that can be paid with all major credit cards via PayPal or CashApp.


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