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What up, tho! It’s your girl DC Livers pronounced Lye-Verse. I wanted to create a page that would allow Generation Z to understand what all the hype has been about regarding the past 30 years from the 1990s, 2000s, and the 2021s since ya’ll was too young – or not yet born yet – to understand. I know that your grandparents, parents, aunties and uncles drive ya’ll crazy rambling on and on about these years but trust your Black Auntie when I tell ya’ll, it was amazing. I know because I was on the FRONT LINES covering it all.

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About DC Livers

You either gonna be like: Who the hell is DC Livers? Why in the world does she think she’s relevant to this story? or you gonna be like: Wow, DC Livers made a new page for Generation Z to give us the REAL about the history we was either too young – or not born yet to know. DOPE!

All I ask is that ya’ll REJECT #GentrifiedHipHop and call motherfuckers out who try to make you think Wack Harlow, White Boy Summer and other gentrified hip hop hype is real. They STEALING your birth right from you. They calling ya’ll LIQUID MONEY. They BROWNING Black America so you gotta always look for the cold switch or CODE SWITCH.

You’ve NEVER needed them, but they’ll ALWAYS need you.