Ashley talks about dating while engaged

( – Ever so often a show will catch our attention which was the case with “Put a Ring On It,” an unscripted show that airs on the OWN TV Network.

Some of the cast stopped by to clarify a few things that went down on the show or things that might has since been uncovered. One of the popular ladies on the show – Ashley, who is engaged to a fun guy named Hollywood on the show – breaks it all the way down in her exclusive interview on the Hood Rules Apply Podcast hosted by DC Livers.

HER SIDE Ashley from Put a Ring On It

“I normally cover sports – the NBA, NFL and so on – so I’ve seen my share of high-profile relationships get derailed. I’ve experience being present when wives, mistresses and side chicks all attend the same game. It can get messy,” said Livers. “That’s why Put a Ring on It” intrigued me,” Livers said.

“When I saw Vince have his soon-to-be-wife and new date in the same room – let alone his apartment – it felt instinctive to immediately pray for him. I’ve seen this kind of thing happen too many times to not know what’s next. I was surprised when Vince managed to handle it without a trip to the hospital. I asked him to come on the Hood Rules Apply podcast and he agreed. He really broke it down so I thought I was prepared for Ashley but I now know, I was not prepared for Ashley. She’s a very sweet woman but she’s gonna speak her mind for sure. Her interview remains one of the most intriguing that I’ve done in a long time. We managed to make it through some technical difficulties but the interview should definitely clear up a lot for viewers but maybe bring new questions for Hollywood,” said Livers.

But wait, before we could air the interview with Ashley we were surprised to get Hollywood himself to open up. Man did these two have a lot to say. As always, everything on BlackPressRadio is REAL, RAW and UNEDITED so rest a sure you’ll get every single word.

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