Married at First Sight New Couples

( – When love calls your name there’s no where to hide as the song goes but in real life some couples find love by being married at the First Sight.

Meet the couples of Married at First Sight Season 12:

Vincent and Briana

Briana, 28, is ready to hang up her single hat for good and meet her soulmate with whom she can build an empire. Meanwhile, Vincent, 27, already thought he had met The One but his ex was not ready for marriage. He hopes to find a dance partner for life.

Chris and Paige

Paige, 25, has a successful career, has owned a home since she was 22 and is ready for the next chapter: marriage. Chris, 27, was raised by pastors and strongly believes that the show has answered his prayers in finding his soulmate.

Lifetime will show the three-hour MAFS: Kickoff Special hosted by Kevin Frazier and a panel of insider experts. The behind-the-scenes at each of the 10 singles and never-before-seen moments from the selection process. Plus, the special will include exclusive sneak peeks of the upcoming season.

The season will be kicked off December 30, showing just how the cast was selected — including the discussions and debates between Pastor Cal RobertsonDr. Viviana Coles and Dr. Pepper Schwartz.

Previous Couples:

Monet Bell & Vaughn Copland

Monet Bell and Vaughn Copland made it through the end of the reality show but in real life are now officially divorced. After going from strangers to spouses at the altar and living together for five weeks, Bell and her new husband Vaughn Copeland, 30, decided to end their month-long marriage on last night’s finale. In an exclusive interview, the bride-turned-divorcée shares why she said “I do” to a stranger, her biggest lesson learned and if she regrets having sex on her wedding night.

“I stand by that. I know people say, oh well, you guys didn’t know each other. But I did know a lot about him,” Bell told Essence Magazine. “We both went through an extremely intense evaluation process. We already had a bond because everything I went through, he did too. Then we got married and the connection was there. We didn’t plan on having sex. It just naturally happened and I don’t regret it because in that moment, I was happy. I saw my husband. He was handsome. We didn’t make love but we had sex and it was awesome. I wouldn’t change it.”

Bell says that the divorce is 100% real.

“It is a real divorce. And it hurts. When I walked into this, I said I come from a family legacy of long marriages. So deciding to get married, wasn’t a whim. I did not plan for divorce. This hurts. People have said I didn’t show a lot of emotion on the show. Just because you’re not seeing it, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. We were both angry because we couldn’t figure out how we even got to the point where we are divorcing.”

She said she has absolutely no regrets about the entire process.

“I would do this again in a heartbeat. This was one of the best things I could have done. You want to talk about getting to know yourself? Put yourself in an intensive five-week crash course of marriage. I have never even lived with a man before. The first man I lived with was my husband. You don’t even know the things that you didn’t know about yourself until you get married.”

Woody and Amani 

Woody and Amani fell head over heels in love on “Married at First Sight.”

These lovebirds brought the experts to tears when deciding to stay married.

“Your family, you love them unconditionally, but I never imagined that I would get there with my spouse,” Amani told her husband. “I feel like I can do anything now.”

Woody was equally emotional. “Being married to Amani, it’s like everything that I didn’t expect, I now have. When you don’t think that that’s coming, you don’t hope for it, you don’t wish for it,” he said, breaking down in tears.

Of course, they stayed together.

Miles and Karen

This pair struggled to become vulnerable with one another, with neither being sure that their needs could be met by the other partner.

Karen was very closed up, and Miles worried that she would never become physically or emotionally intimate with him, especially because they hadn’t had sex yet.

“Are we necessarily where I want to be in a marriage? No,” she retorted.

But because they had seen so much growth from each other in the final few weeks, they decided to stay together.

“I’ve seen you trust me and lean on me and want to know what’s possible,” said Miles. They are still together.

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