Chance & Zeus accused of stealing Reality TV show

( – This is not the Thanksgiving surprise that anyone was expecting but here it is: Kamal aka Chance, Ray J and his soon-to-be ex-wife Princess Love (who are producers of the show) and Zeus Network are being accused of stealing Chance’s reality TV show – One ‘Mo Chance – from a Black-owned production company.

In an exclusive interview with BlackPressRadio, a producer of the show tells it all and doesn’t hold back.

The show – which was originally called “Last Chance at Love” was contracted by Chance and filmed a lot of the show before the pandemic forced production to be shut down. What happened next is the part that will have so many people upset.

Chance, Ray J and Princess are accused of casting new people including the controversial scripted character MANGINA – who was born a man but lives as a trans woman – to make the show more interesting. What’s worse, they allegedly did so with money that was given to them by social interest groups to move their political agendas through television.

If true, Ray J and Princess Love have a lot of explaining to do. We contacted Lemeul of The Zeus Network but haven’t received a reply.

UPDATE: November 25, 2020

Chance PrincessLove

We’ve had a moment to speak with Kamal “Chance” and he’s assured us that he’s done nothing wrong.

A spokesperson for Zeus replied on Twitter saying, “We vehemently refute these baseless and  defaming claims of a an anonymous source trying to ride off of Kamals brand and tv history. Kamal has no previous contracts or commitments prior to entering one with zues network,” Craig Nobles, Executive Producer of “One Mo’ Chance.”

We were able to speak with the show’s producer and there was indeed a contract prior to Zeus becoming involved with the show, something that Zeus denies.

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