Black Children’s Book Authors to Watch

( – With the demand for racial equality and the changing of America, many Black-owned bookstores are reporting that they are selling out of books. Many mainstream books – even Amazon – has at times struggled with the high demand for books for children, books for adults and books for all ages written or illustrated by African American authors and published by Black-owned book publishing companies. has put together some of its favorite African American authors to support. This list will expand so check back every week.

Black Authors (BlkChkTM Power 100 Authors listed first)

JO ALLEN: Author of children’s books including her newest title Mayfly and Butch (purchase at
Jo Allen is a special author because she’s managed to write several children’s books but she’s also willing to help other authors – or aspiring authors – learn the process.

CLARENCE COGGINS: Author of Auntie, I Don’t Want You to Get Married. his is the first installment of the new multicultural Illustrated Children’s Book written by Clarence Coggins. Danielle is a young girl who travels from New York.

Clarence has written a wonderful Children’s Book. The protagonist of the story is a nine years old girl Danielle. She visited her aunt Julia in Georgetown, Guyana so she can spend vacations with her. One day when Danielle was spending time with her aunt, her aunt noticed that Danielle is about to cry. Kids will enjoy reading. The language of the book is lucid. Cover page of the book is beautiful showing aunt-niece bonding. Title of the book is apt and well related to the contents of the book. I enjoyed reading this book with my nephew and he loved colorful illustrations.

BRYAN COLLIER*: Renowned artist Bryan Collier is a four-time Caldecott Honor recipient and a nine-time Coretta Scott King Award winner or honoree. He is author and illustrator of several children’s books including his most recent title All Because You Matter which empowers readers with pride, joy, and comfort, reminding them of their roots and strengthening them for the days to come. include a project with Scholastic Books that is written by Tami Charles and Illustrated by Bryan Collier.

“The illustrations in this story was born from love and a deep desire to keep my son, Christopher, little forever and protected from the cruelties of the world. But time waits for no one. My son grew older, he entered school and made friends with children of many beautiful cultures and backgrounds. He learned things, heard things, experienced things. And along came the questions. Why did they assassinate Dr. King? Why can’t I play with my Nerf guns outside? And most recently, who is George Floyd?,” author Tami Charles said.

“I knew that Bryan Collier was destined to illustrate this book. I knew he’d bring my vision to life. In other words, my precious, innocent son had questions about the injustices against people of color. People who very much looked like…him. I needed to do something to foster meaningful conversation with Christopher. What better way than to write a love letter to remind him of all the reasons why he matters to me, and to the world? “

JERALD HOOVER: Award-winning author of The Hero Book Series (purchase at

My mission is to encourage the youth to live their dreams, do their thing, and make smart choices for today and tomorrow. I want them to feel life.

“I want to save lives through literacy and by writing books that teach heroism. Heroes abound in our everyday lives, but they don’t go recognized. They feel like nobody, but if you see yourself as a friend, they see you as someone successful. That is why you have to see that, too. The brain becomes stronger when we read and write (writing by hand especially). Reading is beneficial for growth and lets you get into another world.

More about Bryan Collier:

CORI WILLIAMS: Author of Thriving While Black


Brown Boy. Brown Girl Publishing: Family focused. PR-Friendly. Open to working with TV and streaming networks for multimedia adaptions. Accepting new submissions with restrictions

CK Publishing: PR-Friendly. Open to working with TV and streaming networks for multimedia adaptions. Accepting new submissions with restrictions

* Denotes Honorary BlkChk Power 100 Inductee

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