B.B. King & Jaguar Wright honored

(BlackPressRadio.net) – BlackPressRadio has recently announced it’s inaugural Hood Rules Apply Podcast 2020 “HOOD HEROES” Hall of Fame. It’s first honorable inductees are Riley “B.B.” King, the legendary guitarist and blues singer who would have been 95 years old this year and Jaguar Wright, one of the most impressive singers and songwriters in recent memory.

“B.B. King’s music still stops me cold no matter where I am. The rifts, the voice, the facial expressions, the passion. There’s really no other artist like him. His music can make you so happy or reduce you to tears depending on your mood when you’re listening. That’s just from one track, “The Thrill Is Gone,” said DC Livers, host of the popular Hood Rules Apply Podcast. “I wanted to make sure Generation Z and Millennials can appreciate the genius of B.B. King.”

Dynamic singer JAGUAR WRIGHT was also named as part of the first five people named to the 2020 Hood Rules Apply Podcast’s “HOOD HEROES” Hall of Fame. The remaining honorees will be named later this month.

“If you haven’t had the chance to hear Jaguar Wright’s acapella work, you have no idea what you missed out on. The industry often hides the most talented Black musicians. Many people – myself included – feel that is what happened with Jaguar Wright. I’ve been blown away with all the music she wrote, song and was involved in that we’ve wrongly attributed to other artists. Jaguar Wright is a Hood Hero on so many levels. I’m excited to introduce the first Hood Rules Apply Podcast’s 2020 “HOOD HEROES” Hall of Fame inductees,” said Livers.

TRACK LIST: Akbar The G8, Cooler Headz Prevail, Wondaboy and more

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