Did Kim Porter’s son & current girlfriend MOCK Kim’s pain?

(BlackPressRadio.net) – YEARS AGO, when Kim Porter’s mom was alive, she told her daughter that she’s most worried about Christian. “He’s gonna be just like his Daddy.” Days after the country celebrated the rapper who goes by the moniker “King Combs” for his classy video remembering his mother, Combs participated an ill-advised Halloween event that has so many people DMing BlackPressRadio with their disgust.

THE INFAMOUS PERIOD of #KimPorter LIFE that involved being pregnant with #KingCombs while #Puffy aka #Diddy ran around with #JLo aka #JHo is well documented. As proof that both Christian Combs and his current girlfriend not only knew that the relationship nearly brought Kim Porter to her knees, the couple re-enacted a scene that Puffy and Jennifer Lopez had an awards show. Therefore, it’s clear that they knew – but didn’t care – about how it would look to anyone watching or the knock it would give to her legacy.

Two weeks before the second anniversary of Kim Porter’s death – November 15, 2018 – the couple are taking fire for their actions.

There was the interview did about her and J-Lo, the etc. In fact, everytime Diddy got Kim pregnant he cheated. A source said Diddy and JLo did get pregnant but ended the pregnancy. I dont have any clue about that. That’s they business.

But no one would have ever imagined that CHRISTIAN “KingCombs” COMBS and his current girlfriend – who Kim did sooooo MUCH for – who think it was FUNNY or a good idea to dress up to relive that pain. Plus, as Breah kissed Christian dressed as his Daddy people have pointed out what we ALL knew would happen sooner or later: Diddy and Breah. Diddy has a long history of getting with the women [or men] that his son(s) have gotten with 

Y’all, it’s too much.

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