Al B. Sure! Shares Medical Journey

( – R&B sensation Al B. Sure has fans praying for his speedy recovery. Three months after he admitted he felt his ex-wife #KimPorter was killed and didn’t have pneumonia, Al B. Sure is have some medical issues. He’s documenting his journey and fans are shook and praying for his fully recovery.

Al B. Sure! – who is one of the few artists who gets love in four generations – is the father of three sons including his youngest son #QuincyBrown

The singer took to Instagram to express his gratitude to his fans and to move on from one-sided relationships.

“All Praise Due to #Allah I am and always have been #CoVidFree. Believe me you, I’ve felt your prayers and sincere well wishes in full “Effect Mode” from around the world. I’ve never appreciated something so simple as sitting up in a chair.

On the flip side, I’d like to revisit and sincerely send a very special thank you to anyone #thatiUsedtoknow who didn’t have time or couldn’t be bothered to reach out and see if I was still among the living or might have checked out (NY term for ghost). Including family members. No worries, it’s always a good time to #SpringClean and shrink my already small circle of individuals to a significantly smaller dot.

Oh FYI: After major surgery and following all protocol there was a very interesting discovery related to my illness outside of just my #Gallbladder and blockage etc. You’ll really get a kick out of this one but you won’t be surprised. Let’s just say, I’m still here breathing and not like the others.”

Al B. Sure ends his post saying “On a positive note I’ll share more of the medical journey with you in Pt. 5 coming soon.”

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