BREONNA TAYLOR gets support from NBA player

( – NBA player Tobias Harris wasn’t in the mood to talk to the media are basketball on July 21, 2020. The veteran small forward for the Philadelphia 76ers was very clear that he only wanted to talk about Justice for Breonna Taylor.

“Nothing against the t-shirts but we want to make sure that Daniel Cameron arrests the cops and the officers involved with Breonna Taylor’s death. Yeah, that’s all I got to say,” Harris said.

When the media rep wanted to move on and take another question, Harris interrupted. “That’s gonna be my answer for every question. For Daniel Cameron to step up and do what’s right. That’s the only message I got today,” he said as he got up before throwing in “I appreciate everybody. Thanks.”

More and more players including LeBron James, Dwight Howard and others have been using the press conferences to express their anger about racism, to call for justice for those killed by the police and to demand change.

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