TONY McDADE case heats up

( – BREAKING NEWS: ATTORNEY for #TonyMcDade speaks exclusively with @BlackPressRadio about the case and some surprising details.

Full interview on June 16, 2020

Born Natosha McDade, the story of the person many know as Tony McDade is as complicated as it is sad.

McDade posted a LIVE video on Facebook that some call a suicide note in which McDade said, “I could get the cops to kill me. All I’d have to do it point something at them or make a sudden move.”

The next day, that’s exactly what happened.

Tony McDade - Listen Live on BlackPressRadio

McDade struggled with mental illness, had a troubled past that grew from being molested from age 5 until 17, a complicated relationship and a long history of being in and out of jail.

According to the family’s attorney, McDade did 6 years in state prison and 10 years in federal prison before being released in January 2020. There was also new arrest several weeks before this incident for aggravated assault for allegedly pointing a BB Gun at someone.

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