White Kids Call Parents RACISTS

Izabella's Tik Tok video on George Floyd and her family's racist reaction went viral

Izabella’s Tik Tok video on George Floyd and her family’s racist reaction went viral

(BlackPressRadio.net) – On June 6, 2020 the world will come together to honor those who have used their privilege to break the generational curse of racism.

BlackPressRadio declared June 6 THANK AN ALLY DAY to honor and support the White and non-Black allies who are sticking their necks out to end White Privilege.

“I felt very strongly that I had to do something for all the people who’ve stood up for me. Inspired by people like Randi Winter and her husband Sam who literally saved my life during COVID-19,  Harrison Lessans, a White man in New York City who launched #Fitness4Floyd and a White female Tik Tok content creator named Izabella – whom I haven’t met but is quickly emerging as the face of what I call the “Don’t Be Your Parents” Movement,” said DC Livers who works almost exclusively with millennials and Gen Z to counter racism and to fight for the world they want to see.

“Millennials gravitate towards me. I understand them way more than Boomers who I have to respect because they’re my elders. I think they get a kick out of the fact that I’m on all the same apps they’re on. I feel the disrespect that Boomers through their way, blaming them for everything just like they do. I tell them all the time, do you really want to end up like them? You can change anything because this is your time.

“It’s so unfair and monopolistic for parents to literally steal the lives of White kids and demand that they continue the generational curses put upon White kids from the moment they are born. I’m helping them – teaching them really – to unlearn everything they’ve been taught.

“They’re young enough where there is literally hope for them to have a peaceful journey without all the hate their parents grew up with. I want that for them. They deserve that. I feel like it’s my purpose in life to make sure they get it,” said Livers who says she hopes to one day get a chance to meet Izabella in person.

Izabella’s family had a “frustrating response to George Floyd’s killing” while in police custody, in a TikTok with more than 1.5 million views.

“I literally hate my family so much,” Izabella said, eyes wet from crying. “It’s just. They just tried to argue with me that George Floyd — like, they just tried to tell me that he deserved that ’cause he did something wrong, and that it was okay. That is not okay. And it’s just making me so upset. I don’t know. I do not wanna live here. I hate livin’ in Louisiana. I hate livin’ around these racist f-cks. Like, I just wanna leave.”

In two days, her TikTok following went from roughly 50 to 17,000 people. After picking up traction on the platform, her video eventually landed on Twitter when culture critic Safy-Hallan Farah shared it.

“It was so important to me – really, really urgent – that I make sure that Izabella felt supported and that she knew Black people hear her. We feel her. We see her and we appreciate her,” Livers said.

“I couldn’t sleep thinking she’d feel alone or that the backlash for standing up and speaking out – hours after former NFL star Drew Brees basically said the opposite. I know that White people helped free enslaved Africans who were brought to the United States. I know that they helped us to read and write and helped us start the very first Black newspaper – The Freedom’s Journal – in 1827. I want her to feel proud about the fact that White people helped fight against slavery, that they helped Black people get to Canada through the underground railroad. So much of history in its attempts at white supremacy leaves out the amazing things that White people did and are still doing like the #SaveDuffield227 project in Brooklyn. White people are fighting every single day to save the Abolition House from gentrification. It’s just not right to have American history erased just to keep up the lies of white supremacy,” Livers said.

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