Why George Floyd is the NBA’s Wake Up Call

by DC Livers

(BlackPressRadio.net) – For 26 years, I’ve been covering the National Association of Basketball (NBA). It certainly hasn’t been easy.  As the longest working Black female reporter covering the NBA, I’ve seen my share of racist – and most certainly sexist – moments. For the most part, I’ve tried to take it on my chin but there’s just some things that I can no longer be silent about.

The watershed of emotions flowed out of me after reading an email of the press release that the Portland Trailblazers sent. Something about it shook me to my core.

I couldn’t put my finger on it at first but then I realized: The Portland Trailblazers are part of the systematic racism that infects the NBA. I don’t mean the media team or any one person that is employed by the team. But the Portland Trailblazers upholds the principles that make sure that EQUAL ACCESS to players, executives, team news, credentials will never be a possibility.

As the country comes to terms


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