APE SHIT: Sports Reporter calls out NBA players over COVID-19

Carmelo Anthony hasn't stepped up (BlackPressRadio.net) – Twenty one days ago, the National Association of  Basketball (NBA) officially suspended the 2019-2020 season after a player – Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz – tested positive for the deadly coronavirus. His teammate Donovan Mitchell also tested positive and started a wave of celebrities, athletes and notables around the world testing positive for COVID-19.

Fans of athletes like Carmelo Anthony – who proudly hails from Brooklyn, New York – waited to see what his response would be. Many were used to Carmelo – who has been affectionately dubbed as #HoodieMelo – stepping up to help in times of need like he did during the Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief effort, when he marched with his beloved Baltimore, Maryland community in the Freddie Gray rally and many other times.

But instead of seeing a valiant effort from Carmelo – a man who had fought his way back into the NBA even though he was embarrassingly ousted – fans were shocked to find that Carmelo and his beautiful wife, LaLa Anthony, left their family dog behind in New York City at a kennel. Fans were further disappointed when she posted a fun filled video of a ’70s themed FaceTime party.

Quarantine Melo hasn't been quite selfishShock turned to anger for some when Carmelo posted a promotional video of him relaxing and sipping wine at a high-end winery briefly speaking about the NBA’s decision to suspend the season. He appeared to have already tasted quite a bit of wine and stumbled over his words saying, “I condone Adam Silver for making the decision….no one else would have if we didn’t.” Many knew he likely meant, “I congratulate” or something more appropriate.

NFL Draft 2020 Edition Black Sportz.com-3As days went on, it got worse as Carmelo – and his wife – posted self promoting content instead of encouraging New Yorkers or donating to the relief efforts publicly. It’s unclear if the couple donated behind the scenes.

He went LIVE on Instagram to take a walk down memory lane with his buddy, Dwayne Wade sharing memories of being saved from possibly drowning by their friend LeBron James. The three – together with their fourth friend Chris Paul aka CP3 – had won the hearts and support of fans years earlier declaring a pact they took to make sure that they lived their lives with one value: “It’s BIGGER than basketball.”

But fans began to see that neither LeBron nor Melo and certainly not Dwade planned to live up to that during the coronavirus.

LeBron threw his hat in the ring to become a contender for TikTok family dance competition he seemed to make up in his mind. Yet the man who some call King James  never posted one time about donating masks, ventilators or protective gear to healthcare workers on the front lines.

Dwayne Wade – who posted endless photos of his family enjoying the bluest skies, even bluer water and bouncing basketballs off his child Zion Wade/Zaya Wade‘s head – joined sports shows to talk about the most important thing in his life: Himself. Dwade didn’t think to share any updates on how his youngest son Xavier Wade (with ex-girlfriend Aja Meteyor) was doing. It wasn’t a priority.

Even though Dad Melo did manage to give a special assist to his adorable teenaged son Kiyan Anthony – who now goes by Kiy like sky- many felt it was done more for self promotion or to highlight his son’s obvious vocal skills.

This is where we disagree.

LeBron JamesKiyan’s song was well made a well received rap song and video to help young people #StayCoronaFree It was a wise decision and a smart move on the part of the teenager to start establishing his own independence.

Through the COVID-19 scare, Carmelo has never mentioned and certainly never posted any updates on how his two-year-old daughter Genesis aka GG is doing. He’s never actually posted any photos of her infuriating his fans who can’t understand how someone who is clearly such an amazing dad to his son Kiyan can be the opposite to his daughter.

Of course, we know Carmelo has spent time with his daughter and has made sure she’s financially provided for. He never asked the mother to have an abortion and seems to be trying to make some progress in that area prior to coronavirus but in light of what will be for SOME PEOPLE the end of the world, it’s very hard to come to terms with the fact that he seems prepared to take that to his grave and never publicly acknowledge his daughter. He doesn’t seem to want to be known as a #GirlDad

At a time when athletes like Anthony Davis are stepping up to help their communities like former Knick Stephon Marbury, Dallas Mavericks star Courtney Lee and rookie Zion Williamson, it’s a hard pill for so many people who rooted or the return of Carmelo Anthony to see him not only switch his jersey number to 00 but to actually become somewhat of a double zero when people need to see his leadership skills the most.

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