Black Consumers at NRF

( – We’ll be covering the National Retail Federation’s annual convention in NYC and bringing you the latest technology for Black consumers and consumer spending.

BlackPressRadio provides news analyst to over 250 African American newspapers, magazine, digital publications and bloggers in the USA, Western Africa, Black Europe and Brazil. We’ll focus on Black Gen Z and Black and African Millennials.

Black Consumer Spending is a hot button topic for many people in the retail space and our lead reporter – DC Livers – will be providing LIVE and up-to-the-minute coverage of the event.


With over one billion people spending at rapid rates, African consumers are one of our most popular topics.

Every business professional operating across the continent is asking:

‘What’s next in the African retail landscape?’ Let’s get some disclaimers out of the way. Bad infrastructure? Yep. Below global average internet penetration? For sure. Poor service delivery? You get the point. But these metrics only tell half the story. In the face of these issues comes ingenious innovations which often give the West a run for its money.

Let’s also not forget that Africa was never dealt a fair hand to begin with. The continent has struggled with extracting value from the globe’s ‘free’ markets and supply chains, despite the fact that natural resources or ideas were never an issue domestically. Take chocolate – 75% of the world’s cocoa production comes from Africa and yet, it only receives 5% of the USD 100 billion annual revenue. Lately, this lag has forced local brands to sit up and consider new ways to flip the script.

These trends point out where shopper expectations are headed to, and what they will start demanding from you.

E-commerce Africanized = retail e-clusters.

How logistics solutions will leapfrog lagging infrastructure.

As the retail economy roars, its ‘Africanness’ roars too!

In 2018, every retail brand must ooze positivity.

Retail in the right channel and the right context.

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