Ava Duvernay DISSES Black People in Harlem

BREAKING NEWS: Ava Duvernay BLOCKS the BLACK PRESS after she is exposed for intentionally keeping Black people baking in the hot sun outside her 5/20/2019 screening of WHEN THEY SEE US

Black people dissed by Ava Duvernay

Ava Duvernay blocked BlackPressRadio and got caught trying to blackball the nearly 15 year old Black-owned media outlets and news service.

(BlackPressRadio.net) – Ava Duvernay thinks Black people are stoooopid. She thinks they are at her beck and call just because she is a Black lesbian director but she showed her true colors at the premiere of her new project WHEN THEY SEE US in Harlem.

“I AM SO PROUD OF THIS. Ava Duvernay was so embarrassed by her actions she actually blocked Black Press Radio on Twitter. Imagine a White director blocking Hollywood Reporter, People Magazine or Rolling Stone if they didn’t agree with their report. Ava thought she could silence Black people when she blocked BlackPressRadio but she ended up empowering me – and the million plus people who see our posts every month – instead. We see your true colors, Ava. We SEE YOU, sis,” said DC Livers, founder of the first online Black newspaper and BlackPressRadio.

Set against the backdrop of historic Harlem during a time of extreme racial discrimination in housing, Netflix opened Pandora’s Box.

Just 48 hours after another Black billionaire named Robert F. Smith paid $40 million to forgive the student loans of the 400 Black men who graduated from Morehouse College in Atlanta, Oprah Winfrey –  who has lost a lot of street cred in the Black community – thought it was a good idea to sneak in the backdoor with the brass of Netflix without coming around to the front to meet the very people who made her a star! Smith’s gift will be tax-free according to expert articles in Forbes and other finance publications.

Oprah didn’t come with a check to buy back the homes of the Black people whose houses were stolen by Bill de Blasio – the White mayor and his Black wife, Chirlane McCray. Oprah didn’t drop a dime towards the BUY BACK HARLEM program that would have really helped the hundreds of African American homeowners in Harlem, Brooklyn and NYC whose homes were stolen and given to White developers to build housing for White immigrants while displacing Black citizens of the United States.  Instead, Oprah brought Gayle King – who has Black people feeling a way after she humiliated R. Kelly. We all agree. R. Kelly needs to be in jail for his actions but Gayle seemed to relish the opportunity to take a Black man down and she got millions to do it.

Duvernay threw a fit when she learned BlackPressRadio called her out for using so little of her marketing budget to place advertisements about the movie in Black-owned newspapers and magazines. She even tried to get BlackPressRadio – the nation’s largest provider of Black digital content and one of the only Black owned news services – blackballed. Plus, BlackPressRadio – which is often called the voice of Black Millennials – exposed how Netflix and Ava fake “gave” 8000 tickets to the Harlem screening despite knowing in advance that the Apollo can only hold 1,506 people.

“Ava and Netflix had the audacity to call the tickets COMMUNITY VIP knowing the Black people BAKING IN THE SUN at the Apollo (on the day after what would have been the 94th birthday of Malcolm X) had BOGUS tickets and they would never, ever get in. It speaks to who she is as a person not the image she is the image she portrays. Ava was a one of the top celebrity publicists and event planners before she made films so she knows we’re going to watch. Netflix knows we have to watch,” Livers said.

“I’ve worked with Ava for years starting when she was a publicist. She was such a great person then but now she’s all about making sure that White Hollywood can capitalize off the pain of Black people. Don’t get me wrong. She’s a good director and storyteller but she’s not doing it for US anymore. She’s basically stunting for GRAM CRACKERS not The Gram now,” Livers said.

Others have taken to the Internet to voice their own concerns.

Mary Pannell wrote a response after seeing our post on Instagram which asked Black people to avoid Netflix. She wrote:

“Public relations firms stop using Harlem folks for the standard PR format at these events, which is, the feel of exclusivity, cheering and smiling for celebrity arrivals, standing behind the velvet ropes and waving hoping for that celebrity selfie, the look of longing and wanting to hobnob with the elite, the paparazzi shot of fans grabbing after their favorite stars, just to make your events look exclusive and successful. Stop using us!! People who work these events stop treating people like second class citizens because it gives you a sense of power. Real power and skill is knowing how to make people feel special when giving them the news that your venue or event is overbooked,” wrote Pannell.


“These aren’t made up stories with fake characters like Game of Thrones,” said Livers. “These are true, devastating stories about Black pain, economic racism, food warfare and other race-based injustices. It’s like she’s selling our pain and Netflix is more than happy to profit from our pain. I got a really big problem with that,” she said.

“Obviously, this is about US so there’s no question we’re tuning in but where’s the return on our investment in directors like Ava Duvernay? Where is the return on our screening habits and the millions of views and comments we will generate? Comments are the new currency. Likes come with dollars these days so when do our Black-owned media get repaid for the millions we invested writing about programming?”

Oprah Winfrey has lost a lot of street cred in the Black community over her hiring practices and the Neverland drama so coming to the Apollo was not considered positive

“White media is so happy with her they replaced a White woman with Gayle. Black people know it’s just a matter of time before Gayle and her camera crew strike the Black community again. They didn’t give her millions to talk about gentrification or to investigate why Black startups only got ONE PERCENT of $9 billion raised by startups in NYC in 2018. They her to broadcast our pain.

“That’s why WHEN THEY SEE US coming to Harlem was so important to so many Black people. That’s why what actually went down was so hurtful to Black people. I’m asking people to stop supporting brands like Netflix and directors like Ava and anchors like Gayle unless and until they start showing us some return on our investment in them. There’s just too much on the line to continue to watch bullshit,” Livers said.

How many cast members could claim that their own parent was a Civil War soldier? Hattie McDaniel could. Her father, Henry, was a freed slave from Virginia who fought for the Union in the United States Colored Infantry, and was injured during the war. Her mother had also survived slavery. There were some people who came the Central Park Five screening in Harlem who knew the pain of being falsely accused and imprisoned. They could relate way more than the

Racism in film continues today

non-Black people who came as VIP guests of Netflix. Those people just came to see and be seen. They have no true interest in Harlem or The Apollo. It was all just for show for them but for many people in Harlem, Central Park Five is all too real and very personal.

Livers also points out how the trend to ignore Black triumphs isn’t just on Netflix.

“HBO and many networks are guilty of the same thing,” she said. “Look at how Game of Thrones was treated versus how Black Panther  or even WHEN THEY SEE US have been treated. Hell, not one makeup company bothered to create make installations for Black Panther despite it selling more than any other movie but Game of Thrones was literally everywhere. It had make up. Macys even brought in the 2000 pound throne just so fans could take photos for social media. The show is inherently racist and has so few Black people it’s not even worth discussing, yet brands fell all over themselves to make sure their mostly White fans were happy.

“On the flip side, Ava Duvernay and Netflix actually shielded Felecity Huffman from the press and didn’t bring her to the screening in Harlem. That was a very big mistake. It really shows a lot about what’s going on behind-the-scenes. Black people won’t soon forget this,” said Livers.

“Why didn’t Netflix have t-shirts, pens or swag available to the people waiting in line?” Livers asked.

“There was literally nothing. No well lit photo booths. No water bottles or even a sticker. They didn’t give a damn as long as the got the photo op they wanted. Ava was one of the most important publicists in her day. She more than understands the game. That’s what made me so infuriated. She KNOWS and including Black people’s viewing habits in her business plan. It’s completely unacceptable,” said Livers who is launching the Black Content Factory to empower Black content creators to make more content.


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