Dumb Questions for NBA Players

by DC Livers

(BlackPressSports.com) – I’ll never forget the time I was interviewing Coach Frank Vogel about his expectations for an upcoming game with the Pacers and the Oklahoma Thunder game. I couldn’t figure out why he was kind of avoiding the question and making me work for the answer. Then suddenly, I realized Frank Vogel – who took the Pacers to the playoffs on many occasions – was no longer the coach of the Pacers – which explained why he was standing in front of the Orlando Magic backdrop.

I immediately ended the questions and slithered away. I was so embarrassed for asking an obviously DUMB QUESTION but then I saw this video reel below and now I felt completely redeemed but then I remembered what happened in May 2019 when I bumped into Coach Vogel in Chicago at the NBA Draft Lottery.

He hugged and said hello. We chatted for a minute and joked about the Pacers/Magic incident and then I looked at his shirt. NO LIE. I said, “Why do you have a Lakers shirt on?” Almost immediately I regretted asking.  The news was broken the day before which was Mother’s Day a big day in the Black community but not so much for the NBA. 

1171559139.jpg.0I was horrified. He was so kind saying, “Come on, DC. We’re going to do this again?!” We laughed. I congratulated him and made a quick exit. I couldn’t believe it had happened twice but it’s true: FRANK VOGEL is the Lakers head coach which you all know.

I’ll be adding a Google Alert to him by the end of the day and when I’m in LA for game coverage, it’s gonna be super fun!

Before you laugh – or right after – consider this: The NBA now runs press conferences LIVE on NBA.com so we are always thinking about ways to do our jobs without ending up trending the next day. It can be a lot of pressure.

For the most part, many of the athletes I’ve interviewed have been pretty respectful of me but I have definitely had some really bad experiences. Sometimes, I wish I could pull a Marshawn Lynch.

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