EXCLUSIVE: Nipsey Hussle Postage Stamp

Nipsey Hussle postage stamp proposal by BlackPressRadio

  Written by DC Livers

(BlackPressRadio.net) – Nipsey Hussle was important to me. He was important to a lot of people so it is only right that he get a postage stamp. He is as deserving as anyone I’ve ever seen get one. I should know. I’ve covered many of the Black Stamp ceremonies including Madame CJ Walker (Indianapolis), Thurgood Marshall (Washington, DC) and Marvin Gaye (Los Angeles).

I’ve written a letter to one of the decision makers on the project to request that Nipsey Hussle receive a postage stamp – a FOREVER STAMP – as all African American stamps are. It is an honor to make the proposal that I hope all of us can enjoy.

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