R. Kelly interview decoded

(BlackPressRadio.net) – The R. Kelly story has a lot of twists and turns and while it’s popular now to distance between him and celebrities, back in the day many Black journalists and major organizations had no issue working with him. Some where very aggressive supporters of R. Kelly and went out of their way to protect him.

Just as many people – if not more –  have been covering up the rape of children by the Catholic Church and its priests but the media has placed a spitfire urgency on R. Kelly while virtually ignoring the priests.

“Thirty years of my career! Y’all trying to kill me!” Kelly bellowed as he stood up, pounded his chest and pointed directly at the camera. “This is not about music! I’m trying to have a relationship with my kids and I can’t do it! You just don’t want to believe the truth! You don’t want to believe it!”

Just before his emotional outburst, Kelly broke into tears as he insisted, “I didn’t do this stuff! This is not me! I’m fighting for my f–king life!”

After Kelly’s publicist intervened and calmed the singer down, the cameras started rolling again as he was getting his makeup touched up.

“I hope this camera keep going. This is not true. It doesn’t even make sense,” Kelly raged. “Why would I hold all these women?”

King gently urged the 52-year-old to not just “rant” at the camera.

“You sound like you’re playing the victim here,” she said.

“I’m just telling the truth,” he replied.

Some of R. Kelly’s girlfriends say that the allegations are a lie as they continue to defend him.

Kelly, whose real name is Robert Sylvester, pleaded not guilty last month to 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse. Three of the four alleged victims were minors at the time. The alleged incidents date back to 1998.

But Kelly insisted he was in a relationship with the women, Jocelyn Savage and Azriel Clary.

“What kind of love is it that keeps these young women away from their families?” asked King.

“What kind of father, what kind of mother would sell their daughter to a man?” he countered.

“So you’re saying the parents handed their daughters, Azriel and Jocelyn, to you?” King asked. “Is that what you’re saying?”

He replied, “Absolutely.”

ON THE FLIP SIDE, the Catholic Priests are escaping scrunity and scorn.

The Roman Catholic Church took pains to deliberately hide the extent of its global sex abuse crisis, going as far as destroying documents and failing to compile records that could be used to prosecute perpetrators, a top cardinal admitted this week.

At an unprecedented Vatican summit designed to tackle the church’s lingering child sex abuse scandal, German Cardinal Reinhard Marx shed light on the institution’s many failures to tamp down on the problem, telling the gathering of more than 190 bishops from around the globe that “the rights of victims were effectively trampled underfoot.” The National Catholic Reporter has more:

“Files that could have documented the terrible deeds and named those responsible were destroyed, or not even created,” said Marx, beginning a list of a number of practices that survivors have documented for years but church officials have long kept secret.

”Instead of the perpetrators, the victims were regulated and silence imposed on them,” the cardinal continued. “The stipulated procedures and processes for the prosecution of offenses were deliberately not complied with, but instead canceled or overridden.”

The Catholic Church is in the midst of a reckoning over its wide-scale child abuse allegations that span the globe and date back decades. Thousands of child victims have come forward describing their abuse, while hundreds of priests have been reprimanded by the church as a direct result. But only recently has the shoe begun to drop for the highest-ranking officials, including those who are either accused themselves of sexually assaulting young children, or allowed the abuse to continue under their watch.

Recently, the Vatican defrocked Theodore McCarrick, an ex-cardinal and the former archbishop of Washington, who was accused of abusing at least three minors and harassing adult seminarians. It’s likely the first time a cardinal has been expelled from the priesthood specifically because of sexual abuse, but comes too late for McCarrick’s victims to pursue criminal charges against their alleged abuser.

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