FOR SALE? Who’s selling Kim Porter’s house?

It had been just over 100 days since Kimberly A. Porter was  founddead in her home but someone still was  living in her home. It didn’t seem to wbe her children as Diddy made a big deal of saying all the family was now in his roof.

As part of an EXCLUSIVE INVESTIGATION, we found Kim Porter’s house is up for sale but in the most unusual ways. It’s hidden from public view on real estate registries. There doesn’t seem to have been a will filed or a PROBATE HEARING, which should have been standard.

BlackPressRadio confirmed this with a realtor. The home is being sold OFF MARKET – meaning privately, quietly and not on the general market. The current value is just over $7 million.

BlackPressRadio has learned exclusively that Porter’s home was purchased for $5 million in 2010. The value has increased since her death. In fact, the realtor says that Kim Porter’s home is 549% more expensive than any other property in the area. to the Los Angeles Assessor’s office there is something going on at Kim Porter’s house.

Jake Porter – Kim’s dad – her son Quincy Brown – who is listed as her next of kin according to the autopsy report obtained by BlackPressRadio. There’s also someone named Jonas Denise listed as occupying the property. According to Kim’s family on her mother’s side something is fishy.

“Kim wouldn’t have put anything in her father’s name. She would never do that. He really wasn’t there for her but she loved him. Still, she wouldn’t have put her house in his name,” the family representative told BlackPressRadio on March 4, 2019.

Six people lived in the 6 bedroom, 7 bathroom mansion while Kim was alive. “A bunch of freeloaders,” according to her family representative. “Did any of them pay rent? Did they even have jobs?”

Kim Porter’s dad has yet to speak to any media, issue a statement or make any comment at all about his daughter’s passing.

According to a 911 dispatch call obtained by TMZ, she was described as suffering cardiac arrest and was battling either the flu or pneumonia for several weeks. The night before her death she went to bed early saying she wasn’t feeling well.

Her time of death is listed as 11.40am on November 15 and the cause is under investigation, according to the certificate.

The document specifies that Porter was not pregnant at the time of her death. It also states she will be buried in her hometown of Columbus, Georgia.


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