HOT TOYS for 2019

by DC Livers

( – For the past eight years or so, BlackPressRadio has covered Toy Fair in New York City to help #AfricanAmerican toy stores, book stores and industry professionals know what are the hot, must have toys in the #ToyIndustry

Black Millennials spend $13.5 Billion every 31 days making them one of the most important consumers but there’s not always a representation ethnic Baby Dolls, action figures or BlackOwned Toy makers.

For 2019, we’re back with a Top 10 Guide for toys we really feel good about. Some toys are Black-Owned toy makers and some are not. For a list of #BlackOwnedToyMakers go to your home page for an update.

A few toys turned heads for some of the wrong reasons including this Barbie who some parents felt was promoting #CultureVulture by being a White doll that has darkened features to appear to be a Black girl.

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