WITH A STRAIGHT FACE and an air of sincerity, Bethenny Frankel looked the #brandweek audience in the eye and said, “I CREATED ‘Get Off My Jock!'”

She did so during #BlackHistoryMonth in NYC where according to the 2010 #census 72% of New York City residents are people of color.

That my friends is how you become a #CultureVulture and own it.

BETHENNY FRANKEL LIED to errrrbody about creating the phrase #GetOffMyJock but Hollywood happily branded her a creative force, Venture Capitalists gave her millions. She made t-shirts and even went on tour.

She’s not the first White person to try to COLONIZE #hiphop but unlike the others #BethennyFrankel did it in front of me.

No one at #brandweek checked her on it. She was allowed to sit there and say it with a smile (and a check for attending). She was featured on the COVER of @brandweek magazine and really got a lot of shine.

She delivered an otherwise flawless speech. I really liked her except I could not respect anything she said after the lie.


This pic of @djkhaled #CardiB hurts my heart because I rocked for these people early on From nearly the beginning (check our Twitter timeline) I tried to get people to see Cardi was not just a character but a real person who could crush the town. No one would touch her.
When I started the Black Podcast phenomenon in 2004, I let DJ Khlaed do a video drop for us and used it a lot. I felt he was humble and respectful of #BlackCulture
Now these two have happily signed up for the takeover. If a #BlackWoman rocked this hairstyle to work or on her CD, her bosses at the label or office would have a fit. Ask the Black female TV Broadcaster fired this month for her natural hair.

What makes these people feel ENTITLED to be on OUR jock? What makes these two feel justified in using the #nword I’ll be seeing them both soon so please believe me when I say I am gonna make sure they explain it to me like I’m five years old because it is NOT okay. – DC Livers aka The Fly on Every Wall

#GetOffMyJock #nyfw #nyfw2019 #wendywilliams #livingwhileblack #blacktwitter #DJKhaled #cardib

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