HOODRATS: Kim Kardashian sparks account suspension and racism debate

(BlackPressRadio.net) – None of this would be happening if Kim Kardashian and other non-Black people would stop stealing Black culture – or at least pay the people who create it.

But since Kim Kardashian is OBSESSED with Black Culture, she is constantly being called out for #CultureAppropriation. With her decision to follow her husband and move to Chicago, it’s inevitable that we read that she was punched in the eye by someone who’s mad about her culture theft.

So when she posted a photo of herself in seventh grade where bright red lipstick, many commented that she looked way older or that their parents would have killed them if they had attempted to have such a sexed up look. But it was THREE LITTLE WORDS that would get Twitter’s attention and cause the controversial company to issue a suspension on the account holder which is none other than BlackPressRadio.

That’s right. An African American owned Twitter account that regularly calls out Kim Kardashian for her offensive tweets got suspended for three words: Hoodrat in training.


It’s important to note that Kim Kardashian actually did go on to become a hoodrat after that photograph. Things got so bad for her that she was actually pregnant with Kanye West’s baby when she got married to Kris Humphries. For a while, the laws in California would require Kim Kardashian to put her husband’s name on the child’s birth certificate. She always earned her Hoodrat title by making porn with Ray J.

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