Sixers’ history NBA Playoff series win

by DC Livers Live on Location in Philly

( – If you’re a basketball fan or even an underdog fan, the 2017-2018 Philadelphia 76ers will warm your heart. The amazing transformation of the very young team is astounding.

Perhaps this video says it all as 76ers star Joel Embiid lifts Philly fan and actor Kevin Hart up in the air like a child. It’s especially fitting considering that many in the league had predicted 7 foot 3 star #KristapasPorzingis would be in the playoffs this year but it was Embiid that gave the third year veteran the blues much of the year. Instead of the Knicks being in the playoffs, so much about the team’s future is dangling up in the air like Hart was.

Nearly the entire team is injured, questionable for a return in the 2018-2019 seasons and are sitting home watching as ouster former superstar Knicks player Carmelo Anthony makes the playoffs and Philly gets ready to battle it out for Round Two. As the Knicks search for a new coach, new players and new hope.

Watch the Post Game Press Release

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