Urban Web Series Awards

Tiffon "Pop" Dunn (left) with Lisa Evers and KD(BlackPressRadio.net) – The 2018 Urban Web Series Awards were held on March 17, 2018 in Jamaica Queens section of New York City. The theme was apparently try to hurt somebody because everyone was dressed to kill.

When most people think of Urban Web Series, it’s easy to think low-budget, ghetto and even ratchet. But the 2018 Urban Web Series Awards – complete with red carpet and an after party – was anything but hood. If anything, this event easily qualified as Ghetto Fabulous. Check out some of the photos from the event from which BlackPressRadio’s DC Livers broadcast LIVE.

The event didn’t go off without a hitch despite its best efforts. Perhaps the most embarrassing part of the night was also the night’s most entertaining as female MC Ma Barker – who was married to hip hop icon Kool G. Rap – was forced to fly solo after the sound system failed during her closing ceremony performance. But not to be outdone, Ma Barker continued to wow the crowd with her impressive lyrics and dramatic flow. When she stopped the crowd quickly reminded her that no mistakes were allowed. A heckler yelled “keep it going!” and she did. It was a treat to watch.

It was shocking that web series like “848” from creator Antoine “Inch” Thomas and “Respect Life” from creator/actor Boom P and others were not nominated, didn’t win and were not present but the shows that won awards were deserving of their accolades.

Mistakes, missed nominations and minor errors aside, the 2nd Annual Urban Web Series Awards was an amazing event and much deserved way to show love to the very addictive web series including Project Heat from creator Tiffon “Pop” Dunn.

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