Black Panther Effect: Hollywood’s Billion Dollar Mistake

blackpanther - blackpressraido( – In 2018, corporations are getting the message: Black consumers are NO ONE to play with. If your business is not targeting African Americans in 2018, you’re losing.

Don’t take our word for it. Look at Marvel Films. They’ve sold more advance tickets for #BlackPanther the movie than for any other Marvel movie in history. That’s right. Black consumers are spending $1.75 TRILLION a year but some companies still refuse to target the lucrative demographic.

African Americans are no longer willing to continue to make racists rich so they’re using their spending power to demand epic change – and they are getting it.

black panther toys - blackpressradioNetflix will spend $9 billion in 2018 making or acquiring content aimed at the urban audience. Oprah sold her network for $70 Million and the list goes on. But few things are commanding the attention of mainstream product makers like the movie, Black Panther, which comes out February 16, 2018.

Even luxury car dealer Lexus has commissioned an impressive #SuperBowl advertisement with their connection to Black Panther. 

Several toy companies are hoping to cash in on the Black Panther craze releasing action figures, games and more.

Black Panther Toys

black panther toys - blackpressradioblack panther toys black panther toys blackpressradio

Black Panther Cast

Black Panther Cast.png

Black Panther Movie Notes

ava-duvernay-ryan-coogler - black panther - blackpressradioOriginally, Ava Duvernay was tapped to direct Black Panther, but she didn’t have enough knowledge of the subject matter so she declined. Ryan Coogler was brought on and the rest is history.

Ryan has shown a lot of growth since he directed “Creed,” but his biggest accomplishments was lending his celebrity to the FLINT WATER CRISIS.

“With the #JUSTICEFORFLINT benefit event we will give a voice to the members of the community who were the victims of the choices of people in power who are paid to protect them, as well as provide them with a night of entertainment, unity and emotional healing,” Coogler told the press. “Through the live stream we will also give a chance for people around the world to participate, and to donate funds to programs for Flint’s youth.”

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