NFL MOMS Podcast Series: Felicia Reader – mom of DJ Reader

by DC Livers


( – Many Black kids dream of a life playing college or even professional sports. From a young age their lives are transformed into their favorite player. Most Black boys dream of a career in the National Basketball Association (NBA) or maybe the National Football League (NFL), but a young David Vernon Reader Jr., who would grow up to be answer to the nickname “DJ” was taught not to limit himself.

With the love and encouragement of his parents David Sr and Felicia, DJ Reader would go on to play college baseball and football before settling on a career in the NFL. Known for his hard hits as a defensive tacke with the Houston Texans, DJ Reader was also a scholar.

“DJ had a 3.5 G.P.A. at Clemson University,” said his mother Felicia during an exclusive interview with BlackPressRadio. “I was at every game,” she said.

Following the advice left by his father, DJ excelled in everything he could. But when his dad passed after  years of suffering with diseases like Arthritis, DJ choses to live life in the present and feels his dad is alive in him.

“When it’s over I don’t want y’all just spending time over here,” David Sr. used to tell his family. “Because my spirit is not there and there’s nothing you can do to change the outcome.” said David Sr. who died of kidney failure at  the age of 51 on June 30, 2014. Keeping to his dad’s wishes, DJ moved on after his dad’s death opting not to visit the cemetery after the funeral. He didn’t seek counseling to overcome the pull of loss but he leaned heavily on his mother who was always there to support him.

NivekB For You MaAs the nation fights over whether Black Athletes – in particular NFL players like DJ – shoud kneel during the National Anthem during games, DJ’s mom talks with BlackPressRadio and shares intimiate details about her son’s life after losing his father on the NFL MOMS PODCAST SERIES with DC Livers.

Plus introducing NIVEK B, a Bronx-born hip hop artist who’s hit song, “For You Ma,” was selected to be included in this podcast.

WATCH PART ONE of NFL Moms Podcast Series with DC Livers featuring Felicia Reader: Buy the FULL podcast avaiable soon.

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