PORZINGIS: Biggest Loser

It’s heartbreaking to watch the Knicks’ Batman and Robin get broken up. With Carmelo Anthony in Oklahoma City, our favorite player from Spain is in big trouble.

Without Carmelo, Kristaps Porzingis is lost. In fact, he’s in danger of losing more than just his bestie. “When teams double team Melo, that really helps me out. I can’t do what I do without Melo,” said the 21-year-old who has already endured back and knee injuries. When NBA stars that young get hurt early it’s a sign that the team is putting their needs ahead of the player.

“If Kris is not careful and get back with Melo or other big threat player, he’s going to be overworked, over used and expose himself to major injuries. It’s hard not to imagine him with multiple injuries and surgeries by 25 if he doesn’t get the help he needs. If he can work it out, Kristaps needs to leave the Knicks and get back with Carmelo,” said a confidential source inside of the Knicks camp.

While the world is looking at Carmelo to finally win a championship ring, let’s hope that Porzingis is looking out for his health or he’ll become the BIGGEST LOSER in the Carmelo Anthony trade.


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