Cardi B is gunning for Yemi Alade

Yemi Alade surpasses Cardi B

Yemi Alade surpasses Cardi B

While her grind and struggles are well documented, budding rapstress #CardiB just can’t keep up with Nigerian powerhouse #YemiAlade (pronounced Yim-Mee Ah-la-day) who was recently certified by Youtube and Vevo as the first African to get over 20 million views. Cardi B has more Instagram followers by far but as Yemi’s star power begins to grow in the US, look for Alade to dominate the space. Her single, JOHNNY, currently has nearly 75 million views – about 20 million MORE than Cardi B’s Bodak Yellow hit single.

But it goes deeper than a VEVO certification. Yemi has more videos, more quality and a bigger reach. She’s just completed a US Tour that wrapped up at Viacom’s Playstation Theater in Times Square. Yemi’s reach is so big and so powerful, MTV had to create new categories for her.

BlackPressRadio’s DC Livers was invited to be Yemi’s special guest and landed a must see one-on-one exclusive interview which will be released soon.

Because Cardi B paid for her video to appear on WorldStarr Hip Hop and other venues, her views must be augmented for counting purposes but even if given the benefit of the doubt, Cardi B still can’t keep up with Yemi.

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