NBA Draft: Lonzo Ball’s dad has America questioning the role of Black parents


( – From Kevin Durant’s mother, Wanda, pulling her son by the beard as he gave a post NBA championship interview to LaVar Ball’s ‘not going anywhere’ dad/manager style to Steph Curry’s mom, dad and family stealing the show everywhere he goes, the NBA is proving it’s become a family affair but not everyone is happy about it.

markelle Fultz mom.jpg

As the NBA Draft 2017 introduced the world to the newest NBA players, some are worried about the effect their parents will have on the game.

With the newest draftee, Markelle Fultz, his mother Ebony seem very normal but he has a lot of other supporters to help him. So far, he seems very grounded and his representatives do not seem to be much of an issue.

It’s too early to tell how things will play out with the Ball family, but the league is bracing itself for a public relations nightmare that hopefully will not come.

Here’s a look at some of the popular players with their parents.


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