Biggie Smalls honored by ASCAP and documentary is announced

biggie son CJ

( – Christopher “Biggie Smalls” Wallace just wanted to earn some money to feed his daughter but instead he started a cult-like following with his sleepy rap style and hip lyrics. The oversized lover went from the bottoms of Brooklyn to the top of the hill on June 22, 2017 as he was honored by ASCAP’s FOUNDER Award.

With a guest list as star studded as can be, Biggie’s son CJ spoke about a father he never knew but managed to make the crowd feel close to him anyway. Straight from his dad’s own playbook, CJ took the stage and owned rocking fresh gear that paid tribute to his dad while allowing the young man to present the world his own swag.

Twenty years after his death, the legacy of Biggie Smalls is still as fresh as ever.

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