BETTER than JORDAN: Porzingis earns street cred as Knicks consider trade

porzingis scored 1493 pionts
( – Kristaps Porzingis is burning up the league with his amazing skills but in Black and Brown households worldwide he’s earning even more respect. There aren’t a lot of Caucasian players in the NBA the command as much hood support – known as street cred – as Porzingis.

But since he skipped the team meeting and has not met with them since the end of the season, Phil Jackson decided to give Porzingis a tough lesson. Make him think he would be traded. Jackson, once known as a zen master, has rebranded himself as a bully attacking Carmelo Anthony, pissing off the NBA Players Association and sparking a debate about whether the league should force the sale of the Knicks as it did with the Clippers.

In fact, one blogger Katie Baker said, “In my house we call him Bazinga! We say it when the gangly buzz-cut beauty converts one of his putback dunks. We enunciate the word in the direction of our 1-year-old, as if we’re teaching him basic language like “mama” or “arugula,” because we are. Bazinga! we sing, bongo-pounding the couch in joy, when Porzingis reaches up one of those Gumby-ass limbs of his and bats down a shot,” Baker wrote.

In the hoods of Harlem and Brooklyn, they call him “Dat White Dude” but they say it with the respect usually reserved for people like Jay Z. Even when Phil Jackson caused a roar, the hood wasn’t gonna give up on Porzingis, who hails from Spain – perhaps not the most diverse place on Earth. But even as some fans are ready to give up on Carmelo Anthony – who many in the hood are starting to call “The LORD of NO RINGS,” Porzingis proves time and time again he’s go Melo’s back.

“I couldn’t do it without Carmelo,” he says as often as he can. That kind of humbleness crosses racial lines, socio-economic lines and speaks to the essence of the 7 foot 3 inch big man with the giant heart.

For sure, Porzingis is someone to watch and maybe – just maybe – he’ll become a unifier that brings New Yorkers – and even the world – together to scream Bazinga! every time he scores.

Rapper Ja Rule proves Porzingis has street cred

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