20 Years Later: A female sports writer’s journey

Warriors CDLa.jpgShe has covered more than 1000 professional sports games including Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association, National Football League, Indy 500, NCAA, the Olympics and others. She is creator of Knicks Chicks, a popular 5 year old blog which recently switched to Twitter that provides news, interviews and fashion reports to women who love sports.

Her work has been recognized by top leaders for her digital media pioneering accomplishments including authoring the “Who’s Who in Black Media” and upcoming “Who’s Who in Black Blogging” directory to help mainstream media find talented writers of color. She was invited to the White House during the GW Bush in the 2000s and Obama Administration as part of a group of winners from the Black Press All Star Awards in 2011. She’s a long-time volunteer and mentors young girls to write HTML code and to consider becoming female sports reporters.

She has begun her journalism career as a high school student working half days at a daily Scripps Howard newspaper before writing for her college newspaper. She landed internships at CNN’s Spanish language unit and with the late Senator Edward Kennedy as a press and personal intern. She has personally covered every presidential inauguration since Bill Clinton’s first term. Mark CubanShe was granted interviews with political heavy weights like the late Helen Thomas, the vice president’s wife Lynne Cheney, and interviewed Africa’s first female president. She has been nominated for and/or won half a dozen awards for her work.

She founded the Historical Black Press Foundation in 1999 after writing a white paper on the demise of Black-owned media due to the digital divide.  She owns DC Livers & Associates, a journalistic and social media consulting firm that advises high-end sports, entertainment and media news professionals.

Today, Black Press works with mainstream media and the Black community with 30 percent of their audience in Western Africa, Black Europe and Brazil to provide the largest amount of Black digital content to the world.




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