Russell Westbrook is “A man on a mission”

derrick-rose-was-out-hustled-by-russell-westbrook( – Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook are both known for their passionate play, but even Carmelo Anthony knows not to get in Westbrook’s way this year.

“Russ don’t give a damn about [politics.] It’s all about what he want to do, when he want to do it, how he want to do it. I think he wanted to show he was loyal to [The Thunder],” said Anthony when asked if he was disappointed that Westbrook didn’t come play with the Knicks.

“I can tell that he was waiting for a moment like this where he could go shine. [Westbrook] wanted to be the leader of that team, regardless of if Kevin Durant came back or not. He wanted that moment. You could just tell that Russ’ vibe was different, his energy was different. You could tell when people want those moments.”

Russell Westbrook joins the long list of celebrities to discuss fashion with DC Livers

Russell Westbrook joins the list of celebrities to discuss fashion w/ @KnicksChicks!’s DC Livers caught up with Westbrook in the locker room following his win over the Knicks and again in the hallway where they talked about this favorite fashion for her KNICKS CHICKS Fashion Report. (Stay tuned)

The Knicks likely wished he had joined their team because he spent his first game at Madison Square Garden waging an epic point guard battle. Although Rose scored 30 points in his best game as a Knick, but Westbrook performed at a higher level all the way around and filled out the box score like few can. Westbrook had 27 points, 18 rebounds and 14 assists for his third straight triple-double and the Thunder dominated inside in ending the Knicks’ home winning streak at six games with a 112-103.

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