THUGS? LeBron’s childish plan backfires

lebron-disrespected-madison-square-garden-water-bottle-challenge( – In an effort to show the world that he and his friends aren’t a part of a posse, LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers came to Madison Square Garden and acted like a bunch of thugs.

The sports community turned on the Cavs players for what people like Shannon Sharpe, host of FS1’s “Undisputed,” called “blantant disrespect.”

Chris Broussard, one of the nation’s top sports reporters in the industry who’s known for his evenhandness, said, “You can’t do that. That is disrespecting the game but to do this is completely disrespecting the arena and to the upmost to the opponent,” said Broussard.

LeBron’s behavior was not how a champion acts. It was thug life than pro life. His actions were intended to taunt the Knicks and humiliate Phil Jackson but instead James set the standard for his young son as well.

“I always have fun,” James said. “The game of basketball is always fun for me. Obviously, when you lose a game, you feel a certain way about it, you think about what you could have done better. But the game of basketball is fun, and for me, once the game — I start showing up and I am not having fun no more, then I won’t be sitting talking to you guys postgame.”

But the antics didn’t stop with the players it went all the way up to the executives. B.J. Evans, the communications director for the Cavaliers, overreacted in the lockerroom when a female sports reporter was video taping as she began an interview with a rookie player. “For whatever reason, he thought it was a photograph,” said the female reporter, whose name is not included because she feels she was a victim of a league offense. “I always video tape because that’s the league rule and our editorial policy. With video we have multiple forms of content so it makes no since to photograph – even if it were allowed.”

It became clear to many people that Evans’ reaction had more to do with gender than the method of capturing the content. “I told him repeatedly that it was a video, that I was aware of the rule and that I wasn’t new to the process. At some point, he made me feel physically threatened so I decided to leave the lockerrom but he followed me. I thought he might hit me so I wasn’t going to stay around and let that happen. It might be 2016 outside the lockerrom, but it’s 1970 inside. Female sports reporter have to put up with so much sexism. It’s just not fair. If we complain, we’re the ones who pay the cost. The league should do more to help us achieve #GenderEquality in the locker rooms and in the league in general. We shouldn’t have to experience things like this but we do,” she said.

The situation escalated to the point of loud exchanges with the female reporter saying to Evans, ‘It’s unacceptable. You wouldn’t do that to a guy. You wouldn’t do that to a guy.’ He acted like he owned me, like I was supposed to bow down to him. His actions were intentional, thought driven and it was clear he’d done that many times before,” she said.

“B.J.’s arrogant, but that’s to be expected. He’s accomplished a lot,” said a male reporter who witnessed the situation. “But what I didn’t expect was the aggressive way he treated her. It was like he was purposefully trying to humiliate her. He even followed her out of the locker room after making her cry. I just couldn’t believe it. It was uncalled for,” he said.

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