Cari Champion

cari-championPART ONE: Cari Champion

Being a female sports reporter is a hazzardous job. From the round-the-clock sexual harassment to the unequal pay, women in sports have a tough, tough time. Add to that mix being a Black female sports reporter and you can imagine that hell that there is to pay sometimes.

From hair bullies to affirmative action accusations to straight up disgusting behavior – and extremely hurtful comments – Black female sports reporters need more respect. That’s why we’ve decide to highlight SIX BLACK FEMALE SPORTS REPORTERS to WATCH in 2017 in a 6 segment feature story.

artie-lange-cari-champion-espn-004-595x343First up is Cari Champion – sometimes known as “the chick on First Take (see left) – who works for ESPN. Her grueling schedule doesn’t phase her because she loves what she does so much.

“I get into the studio between 4:30 am and 5 my time which is 7:30 am in Eastern Time. As soon as I get there, I get on the phone – everyone at ESPN has a little camera so we can see each other – there’s a lot of phone communication discussing story ideas. I write my segments the night before, then I leave it to the producers to find the right clip based on what I want to talk about. The first hour, I talk with the person who is guesting on the show.  Second hour, we let the guest lead the segment. It’s their time to tell your story,” Champion said during a recent media interview.

Some say Cari’s trying too hard to be sexy. Others say it’s not fair that she isn’t allowed to look her best without some saying she’s trying for attention. No matter what you say about her clothing choices, everyone agrees Cari Champion is a rising sports journalism star who is definitely someone to watch.

Hear Cari’s Story


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